Monday, May 31, 2010


Ahhh, summer is here. Finals and Reviews went wonderfully! Of course, the process of moving boxes upon boxes of junk was not whatsoever... however it's good to be back. I know I haven't posted in a month now, but once I get everything organized I'll be able to upload tons of junk from the past few weeks. :)

Furthermore, over the next few months I'll be posting ideas for my senior thesis. The idea itself isn't due till January, however I'd like to have at least a relative idea of what I'm doing. One of the things I definitely need as a theme is the occult. It's been a schtick of mine since I was young, and it's something that visually I can respond to.

Here are some inspirations:

and of course;

I think stylistically it's something that would be fun to run with, but I'd like to approach it from a different angle. Not just the typical, London 1890's that everyone seems to adore.

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