Tuesday, March 30, 2010


So the other day I was pleased to find "Alla Prima" by Richard Schmid in our library. If theres one thing I'm /extremely/ thankful about CCS is that our visual art library is one of the largest in the country. This book is so helpful for direct painting, and it basically reiterates a lot of the things my figure II teacher, Erik Olson tells us... except this one can be read and studied rather than heard once and forgot about. nnnnnnnnnnn~!!!!!!!
Check out Richard Schmid's website here: www.richardschmid.com
Also, his wife Nancy Guzik, is a fabulous alla prima painter in her own right. In some aspects I can see her being a mix of Cecelia Beaux, John Singer Sargeant, and Mary Cassatt. Beaux and Sargeant in her form and edges, but very Cassatt in her subject matter and intimacy with the color. www.nancyguzik.com

I finally motivated myself to photograph my Tech II midterm today, our assignment being the portrait of someone we "liked or loved... but didn't trust". For mine, I chose not to focus on an exact individual I knew in real life, but I chose a model whose persona and lifestyle evoked something that some might find dangerous. I asked a fellow classmate, Brent, to model for it. Ta-da. The figure is life size, and the canvas about 5 feet in length?


Also, for my character development project I'm thinking about designing the island of the lotus-eaters... from the Oddyssey. They aren't elaborated in depth in the book itself, so it'd give me a lot of creative freedom. We'll see how this pans out


Bethany Radloff said...

Ohhh man! I love that painting! I can see so much movement and expression in it! Very nice so far zach!

:) I just had to express my enjoyment of this particular piece of work.

ThePhotoPhreak said...

this totally rocks! great work.